Kimche is our custom, automated visualization platform designed to close achievement gaps.

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Schools around the world have long struggled to provide every student (especially those most vulnerable) with a personalized educational experience. We automate data processing & create meaningful visualizations so that schools can reach every student and close gaps across race, gender, and economic status. We serve over 40,000 students, save schools lots of $$ and change student lives.

Proven successful with over 40,000 students

Kimche is already in schools throughout Chile and has proven to improve learning outcomes with a focus on school specific needs.

Identify Need

How does your school measure success? State assessments? Benchmark assessments? Surveys? Grades? Graduation rates?

Stakeholder Meeting

Discovery meeting to discuss your needs and how Kimche can help.

Data Sources

We will help determine the best ways to use your existing data to improve your outcomes.

Set Goals

Set goals based on your needs and then set a timeline for implementation.

Custom Visualization & Reporting Time!

We will build custom visualizations and reports based on your needs. You get to provide feedback and we will revise and prepare to share with stakeholders!

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