• Todd Hoffman

Prevention is always better than remediation

I had a challenging but great week as I continue my journey as a business owner. I finished the week reading a very interesting research study on the methods used by schools that have been successful in closing the achievement gap. The solutions realized from this research study are complex and involve many levels of effort and cooperation to help all students be more successful. If the study could be summarized in one sentence it would be that prevention is always better than remediation.

Whether we are focused on education, health, or finances we are always better served by preparing ourselves and anticipating needs in advance of any problems. Schools work really hard at doing this but the problem is that they don't have easy access to leveraging data quickly and effectively. This is one reason that I'm so excited about the potential of providing such a service to schools in the near future. The combination of efficient data practices, artificial intelligence, and powerful leadership and teaching strategies will be the key to closing the achievement gap over the next decade.

Have a great weekend!


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