• Todd Hoffman

Teaching adversity a lesson

What are you working on that is on the cutting edge?

Take a look at the image at the top of this post. You see a number of quotes from educated people in recent history that have made what turned out to be very wrong predictions about new technology that was not fully understood. Looking back in time we can realize how ridiculous these statements are but the reality is that people continue to make such predictions about emerging technology today.

There is something quite profound about having someone dismiss your vision. I've had it happen more times that I can recount. Some were more difficult than others but, in the end, it has always been about how I re-frame my energy in the face of such criticism. It's always difficult when you believe in something so deeply, only to have someone laugh you out of a room or tell you that your idea is silly or useless. The power of you as a person grows from these moments of doubt. It's in these times when it is essential to tap deep into your core beliefs and redouble your effort to be successful.

I encourage you to find inspiration from the quotes in the image above. I encourage you to reflect on the moments in your life when your vision has been challenged only because your idea is too different for people to comprehend or understand.

What are the moments in your life where you've been challenged? What did you do to overcome the situation? If not you, share a story from history that you've learned about so that we can all learn the power of overcoming adversity.


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