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Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10
As I get my blog started (along with my company Mend the Gap) I am reminded of all the people that I've come to know and respect. Below is a list of 10 people that you should connect with and follow on LinkedIn.

1. Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly has be inspiring me for years. She's the founder and CEO of Black Girls CODE and has been at the forefront of CS education for years. She's an innovator and a has built an awesome organization.

2. Anthony James

Anthony is a regular source of inspiration and will never fail to make you think with his interesting contributions on LinkedIn.

3. Kate Strachnyi

If you are interested in learning about data and its many uses and applications be sure to connect with Kate. She's a must follow and is getting an awesome book club started for 2019!

4. Siddhartha Srinivasa

I was able to meet Sidd a few years ago when we were to partnering up on some robotics work. Now he's Director of Robotics at Amazon and doing some very exciting things that you'll read all about.

5. MIT Tech Review

Ok, I know this isn't a person but the MIT Tech Review is awesome! Even if you aren't a huge nerd you'll find so much interesting content from this feed!

6. Richard Tong

I recently met Richard at an AI conference and his work and experience are incredible. He's doing some super cool things for schools with a recent focus on after school programs throughout China.

7. Noemi Safir

Noemi is an artist in Tel-Aviv and I love to see her latest work come across my feed!

8. Ernest Gibbs III

Ernest is a young guy who recently nailed his A+ Cert! I connected with him awhile back and he makes tons of great contributions to discussions.

9. Chris Shipley

Chris is awesome. I met her a few years ago up in Boston and her influence led me to learn about Singularity University out of California.

10. Joe Mullings

Closing out the list is Joe Mullings who should be on everyone's LinkedIn feed. Joe produces more useful content in a month than most people generate in a whole year. His videos are always worth watching.

I encourage you to reach out to every person on this list and connect with them. I am confident that you'll be better off and that you'll find new inspiration and motivation!


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